Auspicious Uchiwa “Chrysanthemum” - 菊


Auspicious (Engi) series:
Marugame Uchiwa adorned with traditional Japanese patterns and techniques, imbued with heartfelt wishes.

Made from a bamboo grown in Kagawa Prefecture and a Japanese Washi paper called “Tosa Washi”

Chrysanthemum Pattern:
“As chrysanthemum” is in the form of a radial pattern, it is said to resemble the sun. It signifies immortality, longevity, and sound health, and is believed to ward off evil spirits.


About Marugame Uchiwa:
As the largest Japanese Uchiwa fan producer, it has been recognized for its production capacity and various designs since the Edo period. The red emblem on the package is a proof that the Uchiwa fan has been handmade in Japan, which is certified by the Kagawa Prefecture Uchiwa Cooperative Association. In 1997, Marugame Uchiwa fans were registered as Japanese Traditional Crafts by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Materials: Bamboo / Japanese Paper

Weight: 30(g)

Size: 355×180㎜

*The size of each items vary slightly from one to another because they are all handmade."

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