Japanese culture - Fireworks, Yukata and Uchiwa

Japanese culture - Fireworks, Yukata and Uchiwa

In summer, firework festivals are held all over Japan. These dazzling events are the perfect opportunity to wear a yukata. Yukata, known for being light and cool, are cherished as a symbol of summer. And an essential item that complements the yukata is the uchiwa (fan).

The uchiwa is a must-have for cooling off on hot summer nights and also serves as an accessory that enhances the beauty of the yukata. At firework festivals, colorful fireworks light up the night sky, and their light and sound make the summer night even more festive. Holding an uchiwa while watching the fireworks is the essence of Japanese summer scenery. 

In this way, Japanese fireworks, yukata, and uchiwa are inseparably linked, each cherished as part of the summer tradition. When enjoying the Japanese summer, be sure to have these items on hand for a delightful experience.

By the way, our location is Kagawa prefecture, in Japan. The "Sanuki Takamatsu Festival," held annually from August 12th to 14th in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, features a spectacular fireworks display on its second day. Around 3,000 fireworks light up the xity, creating a dazzling shower of light. We recommend you to visit the place in the near future.

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